Sangra tango at the Temple Noble Art- a gym for boxing only

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The film "Sangra Tango" by Luizo Vega & Staiv Gentis was screened tonight at the Temple Noble Art and aside from watching the film we had the opportunity to tour the gym where our friend Michele Lamy trains. Cyril DURAND, the President of Temple Noble Art took Marco de Rivera and I around and explained the objectives of the boxing only club and with it his passion for the game. You can enter the ring, if that is the experience that you are looking for or you can train upstairs with the boxing bags that look like something out of a Rick Owens environment. BTW the clothes in Sangra Tango were by Rick Owens. I am posting the teaser for the 5 minute film and if you want to learn more about Temple Noble Art or call 0149270311.

Michele Lamy

Marco de RIvera 

Michal Konsewicz and Luizo Vega (Luizo is the director and one of the actors, Michal the other boxer)

Giovanni Bassan and Scarlett Rouge

Cyril Durand, President of Temple Noble Art



Diane Pernet

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