Prix Francoise Sagan

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Marco de Rivera and I went to the distinguished literary award, Francoise Sagan, which honors a work of fiction each year since 2010. The board members select the books and this years winner has only read one of Francoise Sagan's books, Bonjour Tristesse. Bonjour Tristesse was published in 1954 when the author was 18, it was an over night sensation. The award goes to young authors and was created by Sagan's daughter in order  to honor both  the memory of Francoise Sagan and books .

I enjoyed running into a few friends like Michel Mallard, who is on the jury for ASVOFF Mexico, Pierre Hardy, who's shoes we all love, Valerie Viscardi, Marc Audibet, designer sublime and of course Marco de Rivera.



Diane Pernet

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