HENRI LANGLOIS at THE CINEMATHEQUE text by G. Bianca Demaria photos St

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Cinematheque pays homage to the true legend amongst cinema makers and lovers, the historic founder and director of the first Cinematheque in France on its 100th anniversary. He was never a movie director, screenwriter or director of photography, however he loved cinema so much that when he was young he used to skip school several times to go to a movie instead. It has been said that it was  in protest to his father’s decision of making  him study law at university, he intentionally failed the college’s final exam by leaving the page blank, then running to a cinema right after. His pure and genuine devotion for the seventh art brought him to restore, preserve and gather thousands of films, from the widely known to the rarest ones,  with maniacal care and precision.


The exhibition makes us dive into his imaginary world made of frames, sketches, stories and paintings. I particularly liked a puzzled portrait of Langlois made by C

Diane Pernet

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