Mario Salvucci brand is one of 100 international designers to participate in ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS, Fiera di Vicenza

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Mario Salvucci brand is one of 100 international designers who will participate in ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS, a project by Fiera di Vicenza with the support of Not Just A Label, which will be held from 8 to 11 May in VicenzaMario aka Spiderman has always been inspired by nature. The collection Incredible Creatures has expanded its collection to include cuffs that are inspired by fish and snake scales and how they shed their skins.Every piece is original and fragile like nature. This is a new capsule collection of cuffs named Second Skin/Protection/Seduction and was inspired by the skin texture of fish and snakes. Available in Bronze or 100% recycled Sterling Silver in a vry limited edition. Oxidized with sulphur to achieve the colors and to purify the piece.


Diane Pernet

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