Sophia Webster, fall 2014 – by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


If this last stormy Valentine left you wet and altogether alone, you should know by now just the best way to lick your wounds: the only reliable pair, days like these, comes in your size and rightfully falls at your feet. Early this morning, and not even unreasonably so, Sophia Webster quite literally stepped on the centuries-old tradition that links heels and fairy tales and an unquestionable happy ending. The tagline of her new collection going "forget Prince Charming, I'm just glad I got my shoe back", she told us a different tale, in sassy pastel shades – one that reminded us of the positive side of breakups, generally being shoes. At 38 King Street, just this side of Covent Garden, chic, postmodern princesses were dealing with their own broken hearts within an oversized dollhouse, either by pouting and texting each other, taking a bubble bath or trying on more and more footwear, furry, bejewelled or winged. Sophia took all delusional expectations out of that old Cinderella story, giving it a more sensible, more familiar, and in a way, cathartic outcome – yet all the magic is still there, and most important, still there are the shoes.

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