The Much, Much performance and exhibition at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador

2 oct. 2013

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Fashion Week in Paris is nearing an end and thanks to Arnhem and Much, Much and its beautiful collaborators, it is ending with sensual emotion.

The Much, Much is a fashion collective of 18 young fashion designers who just graduated from the ArtEZ Academy of Art, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

The 18 designers are dedicated to going beyond Arnhem where they are based, they work as a collective and alone. They want to be Big, Bigger, Biggest and they are well on their way. They believe fashion is more than aesthetics. That emotion that was missing on most of the catwalk presentations was totally present last tonight.

Last night's performance was pure decadence and the proof that fashion can pass an emotion . The atmosphere was heavenly thanks to the floral creations of LM Flower Fashion from Amsterdam.

2 oct. 2013

2 oct. 2013

2 oct. 2013

2 oct. 2013

The Dutch Ambassador and the 2 Libra forces behind Flower Fashion from Amsterdam.





Diane Pernet

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