HAT-OLOGY Anna Piaggi e I suoi cappelli, opening exhibition, text and photos Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane dear
shaded viewers,

Hat-ology is a tribute to Anna Piaggi curated by Stephen Jones with the artistic direction of  Marco Maccapani, Angelo  Jelmini and Ivo Bisignano. The cozy exhibition takes us through a showcased  sixty out of 600  hats from Anna's personal collection. She loved to wear hats and wore them with unparalleled ease on all occasions.

The idea of the exhibition is to take us through the world of Anna Piaggi :  her house, her
kitchen,  her press room, her bed room. Poetic artworks and illustrations by Ivo Bisignano  set the mood along with a video ( Anna and
Marcel ). The film reveals the soul of Anna as seen through the eyes of Ivo Bisignano and makes us understand her intimate and daily life.  It is about a surreal encounter with Anna and Proust. The installation is very moving and individuals, like   Rosita Missoni , and other friends of Anna's from the fashion world remembered her.

The exhibition is a little gem, intimate and delicate, to see and admire
in silence ..

Hatology opening

Hatology the enter

Hatology sala Anna
Ivo and Stephen
 Ivo Bisignano and Stephen Jones during the exhibition making of

inside the kitchen


Cucinabambola Anna
 Anna Piaggi Poupette by Ivo Bisignano

Hatology washing machine
 the washing machine..

 pressroom with the photo collage

 in the bedroom Milano window

Staff stephen
 the two great assistants of Stephen Jones

Ivo and Marpessa
 Ivo and Marpessa

 the video Anna and Marcel a romantic poetic promenade .. will be at ASVOFF6

 The great curator  Stephen Jones with guest

 The exhibition runs until 30th of november: Palazzo Morando enter from Via Bagutta 24, don't miss if you are in Milan!