Girlsgirlsgirls Party – Friday June 26th at Social Club – By No

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,
 Mykki Blanco and a bunch of other cool artists and singers performed last Friday at the Social Club. 
The  unconventional line up included artists from California and New York, Boychild , Niko and the Ikon.  Mykki Blanco was hosting the party, walking through the crowd, yelling and dancing in a pair of Timberlands licked by high white stockings under a cute Kenzo skirt and adorned with a sprawling shock of hair. A green colored spotlight shone on the rapper. Everyone let themselves go on the dancefloor and I was in the middle of it all trying to take photos in a sea of hysterical arms.

I was very excited to see Boychild onstage, a performance artist from Northern California who performs (in life and on stage) as both genders, remaining ambiguous and androgynous, and for that reason the name