Zigou Zigou and her art work


Zigou zigou china girl

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Life is funny, people come in and out of your life and the other day when an old friend, DJ King Sabbah, stopped by Headquarters he mentioned that he is a friend of an old friend of mine, Zigou. Back in 1981 we were in a group show at the beginning of our design careers with other old friends, David Norbury and Miguel Osuana , it was called Nouvelle Couture and was at a disco called Xenon. Zigou and I have not been in contact for over two decades but  I remember Zigou bringing a taste of Paris to NYC . It was also a period of time when we all used to enjoy going to clubs and there were some great ones at that time,  Mudd Club, Roxy, Danceteria, Paradise Garage, Save the Robots and many other fun haunts. She also had all these friends from Venezuela that were totally wild and used to love to dress up give parties and go out and have fun. I remember Pedro and Alejandro in particular. They were right out of Fellini, exceedingly elegant one quite short the other very tall and slender, It's funny when I look at her paintings it reminds me of the way she used to apply her make-up which looked like her illustrations. Anyway we had a little chat the other night and I asked her to send me some of her work.




Diane Pernet

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