What do you think, should we launch a competition to make an ASVOFF 6 t-shirt, here,by p.a.m., is the one we had from 2011, only made 8 of them though…


N12 dp in tokyo
My last trip to Tokyo for ASVOFF 2012

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Just had a thought that it could be fun to launch a competiton for an ASVOFF t-shirt competition.. Here is the one we made in 2011 by p.a.m. on Akiko Hamaoka and Silvia Bombardini and my students from PFI that year. We only made 8 of them which was a bit crazy since everyone wanted one. 

NAkiko with DP t

Akiko Hamaoka
ASVOFF 11 t-shirts
ASVOFF t-shirts 11
Silvia Bombardini, when she used to be my intern and the PFI students 2011.

Anybody that knows me knows how much I love illustration… The illustration was based on a photograph by my dear friend Miguel Villalobos who also happens to be an amazing illustrator, among other things. Maybe we could even sort out making morethan 8….




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