Alterite Je est un autre Otherness I is somebody else at Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton and the launch of the 4th edition of AIE Magazine


Reza Hazare from Iran lives and works in Bakou (Azerbaidjan)
Reza Hazare, she is from Iran but lives and works in Baku (Azebaidjan)

Mirror mask
An African mask covered in mirrors that you can get inside of.

Leigh Bowery

There was a great room dedicated to Leigh Bowery with some furniture and a few of his wardrobe lent to the Foundation by Kim Jones. And while walking through the exhibit I ran into the DJ/video artist, Jeffrey Hinton who was a dear friend of Leigh's and knew everyone in the photos. It was fun experiencing it with him.

NGordon Alexandra Jeffrey
The illustrator, Gordon Flores, Editor in Chief of AIE, Alexandra Birchall-White and Jeffrey Hinton, artwork belongs to Gil Yefman an artist that lives and works in Tel Aviv (Israel). 

Gilles Moorghen Audience and External Relations Manager
Gilles Moorghen, Audience and External Relations Manager Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

Gordon, Jeffrey, Rufus, Catherine Baba Antoine Scalese
Gordon Flores, Jeffrey Hinton, Rufus, Catherine Baba and Antoine Scalese

Alexandra Birchall- White and Loup Garcin
AIE's Loup Garcin and Alexandra Birchall- White at their magazine launch. Alexandra Birchall-White is the editor in chief.

The exhibition runs from  now until September 15th.




Diane Pernet

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