Cannes: How ‘Only God Forgives’ Suggests Ryan Gosling’s Schtick Has Worn Thin


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Dear Shaded Viewers,

I guess I'm a bit obsessed about this because I was so looking forward to seeing it and when I did, yes, loved the cinematography, excellent, sound design, perfection, Kristen Scott Thomas, amazing but aside from the visuals and a little hint of John Cassavetes's The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1978) and David Lynch without the depth, I was a bit disappointed. I thought it was the worst performance Ryan Gosling, and I am a fan, I must admit, ever did. Worth seeing for the visuals and sound but don't expect more than that, well, lots of blood and cut off limbs, I won't give specifics but Refn admits to loving violence and we can see that.



Diane Pernet

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