Mory DUCROS – the absolute worst delivery service on the planet, not that DHL is any better since they handed it off to Mory Dueros and they handed it off to Bonneuil???


How is this for a delivery service. Package, weighing practically nothing, sent from Holland via DHL, DHL does not have the door code so does not stick avis du passage outside the door like any normal service without the code. Instead, decides, without telling anyone, to pass the package off to MORY DUEROS . After an afternoon with DHL to find out where the package is, they tell us that they gave it to MORY DUEROS. We wait all day for the delivery, go down to check the mail and what do I find …a notice that they have passed by. We were in….when I finally get someone on the phone they say that their service does not walk up stairs….WTF???  They have some rude person on the phone that says delivery could be Tuesday but they don't walk up stairs and there is no inter phone….can there delivery read, write or use a telephone?

Am I furious, what do you think? Will I ever get the package? Will I spread the word about their wonderfully efficient service and BTW what is the story with DHL that just passes off a package without notifying the client nor the reciepent?  Now after speaking with what could well be a retarded person, no offense to the mentally challenged, I check on line and now the package has be handed over to yet a 3rd service: BONNEUIL. WIll I ever see my package?



Fed UP with DHL, Mory DUcros and now Bonneuil….all I want is my lovely package from Jupe by Jackie



Diane Pernet

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