A trip down memory lane 2007 Los Angeles with Steve Olson and David Norbury


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Somehow I made this insane mistake and accidently opened up a second youtube account for my low-fi videos. If you watched the previous post I've asked you to migrate over to the ashadedview channel on youtube, delete the dianepernet one so we can delete the other one without loosing you as a follower.

In order to do that Noemi has been spending weeks uploading old videos on the ashadedview account and putting some kind of order to total disorder. I was having fun watching some old flashes from the past. This one is pretty funny. First time I'd seen my old friend, ace skate boarder, Steve Olson, he was the first punk skate boarder and he used to date my model Lovey. I saw him here after about 15 – 20 years and it was as if I'd seen him yesterday. His son is successful skate boarder too.

I was in LA for my first fashion film festival with co-curator, it was called You Wear it Well 2006-07.




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