The installation of Futur Absolu Exhibition by Stephan Breuer at Palais de Compiegne


Location for Futur Absolu
Dear Shaded Viewers,

If you want to experience Futur Absolu, the exhibition of Stephan Breuer from Flying, all you need do is take a train to Compiegne anytime after March 2nd and for one month and visit the Palais de Compiegne.  you will for sure have an exhilarating experience. Pictured above is the location. What is rather interesting is that in the exact location where the projecter needs to be secured, there was the base of a chandelier, you can imagine there would be no other way to attach it. Cannot see drilling through the ceiling as a possiblity.

Installation 1
Magalie Alcaide
Magalie Alcaide is the curator of the exhibition

Stephan Breuer DP
The artist Stephan Breuer, btw, it is his birthday today, nice place to celebrate…

Eric Forman
Eric J. Forman, Interactive Artist is collaborating with Stephan on this project, we found out that we both lived in the same neighborhood in the West Village, he's nolonger there and obviously, neither am I. Also, funnily enough we both grew up in Philadelphia. More interesting than all of that, of course, is his work.

Jeff Mory and Leslie Dubest
Composer Jeff Mory and Music Producer, Leslie Dubest are collaborating on the project with the sound design.

Jean Grand CLement
Jean Grand Clement is documenting the experience and that is how you will be able to see the final installation. Unfortunately, I will be in the mist of Paris Fashion Week and will miss the opening this Saturday at the Palais de Compiegne.

More later,



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