Aurora Fashion Week Russia and ASVOFF Saint Petersburg…a diary, Day 1


Snow landing in St Petes

Inspired by Sonny Vandevelde's cloud pics, took this one as we landed in Saint Pete's, as the locals call it.

DP dolls W Hotel
DP Dolls at W Hotel Saint Petersburg

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I just got back from my first trip to Saint Petersburg and instantly all the Russian visa stress quickly disappeared. The W Hotel Saint Petersburg is the only W Hotel in all of Russia and they greeted me with such warmth and even had customized the Matryoshka wooden dolls  for me. How sweet is that? I cannot get enough of them. They gave me one pure white one and a magic marker, so if you are there you might find traces of me.  W Saint Petersburg's  decor is inspired by the faberge eggs, I love that, I always dream of having a golden faberge egg crack open above me and shower me in …gold.  Then it was off to meet the Aurora Fashion Week team.

Day 1 the team
Robb Young, show producer, Artem Balaev and Michael Bazhenov

If you see the lights behind the Aurora Fashion team, you get the Faberge connection. 

During our getting to know each other meeting I learned about some new beauty products, Forlle'd, I will tell you about them once I've tried their products. Luxury is a principal interest in Saint Petersburg and who doesn't love a little luxury? 

Asvoff team seated
I met the key players at the Aurora Fashion Week, from left to right,

Evgeny Gurevich, Ekaterina Puchkova, yours truly, Robb Young, Michael Bazhenov, Anastasiya Masyuk, Artem Balaev

 and we discussed the plan for the following day.

After the Virgin Mary, Ekaterina Puchkova took Robb Young and I to the  Alain Decosse restaurant at the W Hotel. Delicious.

Day l ek
Ekaterina Puchkova, Program Director for AURORA Fashion Week

Photo by afwrussia 
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