ATOPOS presents ARRRGH1 Monstres de mode Exhibition opens 13 February – April 7th at Gaite Lyrique photos by Noemie Sebayashi


L1040534 copy
Hideki Seo, Japan

Dear Shaded Viewers,

ARRRGH1 Monstres de Mode opens tomorrow at the Gaite Lyrique and will run until 7 April, today was the press preview and tonight the opening party but from then on, it is for you, the public to enjoy and I am sure that you will love it and if you have children, bring them…maybe not for Bart Hess's amazing films, perhaps a little to strong for the underage but well worth spending some time in that dark room. I'll post a few links later as a teaser to Bart Hess's film.

L1040540 copy
Rozalb de Mura from Romania

L1040558 copy
Filep Motwary & Maria Mastori, Cyprus and Greece

L1040564 copy
Hideki Seo, Japan Be  Free made out of denim

L1040578 copy
Kim Traeger, Danish 

L1040588 copy
Mads Dinesen, Berlin

Amazing selection at the Pop Up Shop mask by Kim Traeger

L1040603 copy
Hideki Seo bringing some happiness to Japan after the earthquake, that was the impulse behind this piece.

L1040529 copy
Craig Green, British

L1040608 copy
All photos by Noemie Sebayashi

La Gaite Lyrique has invited the Greek collective ATOPOS for the ARRRGH1 MONSTRES DE MODE, the first international fashion exhibition dedicated to the creation of monsters, enigmatic or grotesque inspired by the phenomenom of the character of design. 

Jerome Delormas, is the Director of La Gaite Lyrique, Vassilis Zidianakis and ANgelos Tsourapas have curated the exhibition.

Gaite Lyrique

3 bis, rue Papin – 75003 

Press: Pierre-Tristan Mauveaux Presse@GAITE-LYRIQUE.NET



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