Meadham Kirchhoff on boys wearing girls’ clothes and sensory fashion experiences. Interview by Carla Seipp


Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

It's only been two seasons since Meadham Kirchhoff have unleashed their menswear collections on the fashion industry, but already, just as with their offerings for womenswear, the designs are impossible to overlook.

A/W 13 was an Edwardian-influenced, headband-wearing, grungy-living gentleman, bin bags and all. One half of the design duo, Benjamin Kirchhoff sat down to discuss collection prologues, the brand's ongoing collaboration with Penhaligon's and his fascination with heroes.


Who was the one male style icon you admired while growing up? 

I don't think I ever thought about it at that time. I was quite introverted and shy and didn't really look up to anyone. 


How did the setting and the title 'Please!' fit in with the message you were trying to convey this season?

"Let me get what I want".


What inspired you to do a fanzine for the presentation of this collection?

It wasn't meant as a fanzine as such, but I wanted a pre-emptive narrative to the collection, like a prologue in a book or a play. I thought a lot about the last year and all the crap that accompanied it and wanted to tell the story of a man/boy/soldier preparing for combat and all that came with it