A Shaded View On Perfume Fiction: Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men Text by Jarrod Cuthrell



Top notes: Bergamot, guaiac wood

Heart notes: Vetiver, cedar, Sichuan pepper

Base notes: Cacao, amber


It is a very late evening, cool air, a slight wind blowing. A man is at a party, a very high class party. A live band performs outside, playing soft music. Everyone is dressed very formally, standing around a pool, which is set in marble. The must is barely audible, sort of surreal, women laughing to themselves is barely heard over the bubbling of the hot tub they sit in. They drink. Everyone drinks, and has been all evening, but no one is drunk. The only effect is the warm glow everyone has. The girls watch the men from the jacuzzi, talking amongst each other. A man conversates with another gentleman in a dimly lit corner of the party. He is mysterious, and though he talks casually to this man, he recalls having the lady of the house just moments before. He recalls both of them, hurriedly sneaking away, no one seeing either. He recalls them having each other, quickly, quietly, darkly. He remembers reentering the party, unashamed.

Text by Jarrod Cuthrell