ArtGeorgia in Paris


King claude sabbah
Claude Sabbah at ArtGeorgia in Paris

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Noemi will be posting images from the 20 participants in ArtGeorgia later tonight. I ran into my old friend Claude Sabbah at ArtGeorgia. A few decades ago when I was working with CBC, I used to have one interview a season, my choice…at that time Claude Sabbah and Gilles Rosier were doing a collection with Tati called la rue est a nous…or something that sounded like that. It was quite fun and at the same time they created a collection called GR816.

Guram Gvasalia, author of "Size Zero: A Guide to Spiritual Management"  hosted by ArtGeorgia in Paris/Art Fashion Day 2013

If you are in Paris you can still make it to Art Georgia at 23 rue Daniele Casanova, 75001. It's going on until 1 h and there are some interesting artists/designers for you to discover there. 



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