A short walk through Shinjuku-ku


Backview dp shinjuku ku

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I arrived in Tokyo a few hours ago, heavy traffic and another 90 minutes till The Rose Garden, which is anything but. Akiko Hamaoka met me at the airport, tomorrow starts ASVOFF TOkyo but tonight we could just relax. Akiko took me for a walk through the tiny back streets in Shinjuku, that is where the Rose Garden is located. I could feel the energy of Diado Moriyama  and Araki in those dark streets. 

Steep steps
It felt like TOkyo just after the war. Who knows what goes on when you get to the top of the stairs.

Blue light steps
Mini bar pink curtain
Tiny bars
THey don't really appreciate photos in this quartier.

Wanted by the police
These people are all wanted by the police but the one on the left that looks like a concert poster was taken 40 years ago…

ASVOFF Tokyo starts tomorrow at Idol, see you there?




Diane Pernet

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