Gabriel Orozco at Galerie Marian Goodman Shade Between Rings of Air

Shades between Rings of Airarlo Scarpa
This structure was originally constructed by Carlo Scarpa in 1952 and was conceived as a pergola within the inner patio of the Italian Pavilion designed to house sculptures, plants and a fountain. In 2003 Orozco made this 1 to 1 replica in wood as a full scale model to be shown in an adjacent and quiet interior. 



Recent terracottas as part of the series "Orthocenters". After the initial shape is formed, the whole weight of the clay is laid to rest on a solid sphere. The shaped clay is then turned over and the sphere removed. The void left by the sphere recalls an empty pot.

The film

Galerie Marian Goodman 79 rue du Temple 75003


4 fashion students from Ireland and  Thomas Poko

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