LAMINA Save the species by artist and designer Giovanni Amandini


Dear Shaded Viewers,

In addition to his CRISIS t-shirts Giovanni Amandini has created a series of t-shirts with SAVE THE SPECIES. His work is about content and interesting designs that are fashion and sustaninable. Of course I think this series is missing an important and endangered species THE KOALA.

The designs are based on endangered animals that are in the risk of extinction. THINK KOALA. Besides dedicating space and attention to the Giant Panda, the Mountain Gorilla and the Black Rhinoceros, the series has also given voice to the animals. Each of the designs has a sentence "Take a good look…before I'm gone." THINK KOALA too. 


The animal designs are obtained by a system of bringing different perforation patterns together to resemble a sort of new printed camouflage (copyright). The spots (big and small) can surely be interpreted in many ways, fact is, they give a certain sense of vanishing to the animals, thus reflecting what is really happening.

ARTIST limited edition. This part of the collection presents the animals up side down. In order to recognise something in this

Diane Pernet

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