Yesterday at Iris Van Herpen and a new intern at ASVOF

Vincent Gagliostro and Valentin Jardinier -Almodovar
Director Vincent Gagliostro and Valentin Jardinier-Almodovar

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My friend Vincent Gagliostro finally returned from a month and a half stay in New York and he introduced me to my new intern, Valentin Jardinier-Almodovar. Yesterday we met and started working together instantly. I took Valentin with me to the Iris Van Herpen couture show. I thought that was an excellent way to start his internship.

Valerio Mezzanotti NOW Fashion
NOW Fashion;s co-founder, Valerio Mezzanotti

Donetella and Raf
He showed me this surrealistic image of back stage at Dior-Donetella chating with Raf

Photographers at iris
Photographers at Iris Van Herpen, a bit of a stuggle for power took place when was raising havoc with the house photographer,Mesh settled it before it got totally out of hand.

Xvalentin philippe paolo
Valentin Jardinier-Almodovar, Philippe Pourhashemi and Paulo Mariotti

After the show Valentin Jardinier-Almodovar, Philippe Pourhashemi and Paulo Mariotti had dinner in the neighborhood where I ran into a friend I met on my only trip to Hong Kong, Rainbow. She just came back from her hot yoga class and lives a few doors down from the resto.




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