Modello Giulietta New York resort collection text and photos by Stefania Seoni

Italian cinema from the 60's is what inspires  Sofia Sizzi the designer behind the brand Giulietta. She draws from the spirit of an actress Monica Vitti who often plays the  bourgeoisie in films where the fashion is representative of a way of life. This is not a formal rigor, but more about irony as seen in the prints. Sofia filters this languages with contemporary codes, her operation is not nostalgic, but more a research of style  codes of that time merged with forms and contemporary innovation.The resort collection is treated in detail from buttons to fabrics such as silk gauze that accentuates femininity, lit by bright colors like purple and red.

Sofia Sizzi the designer

love this dress

Giulietta Resort Look 3
Giulietta Resort Look 5
Giulietta Resort Look 13



the video of the fall 2011