Konstantin Samoylov sends moving images from Moscow and W-O-S.Ru team

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Years ago, not sure how many, I was in Moscow for Russian Fashion Week and I had great fun with Konstantin Samoylov and his friends. We went to a very wild party in a not so safe neighborhood in Moscow. The taxi driver did not want to leave Robb Young and I there. Actually it was reminiscent of NYC in the eighties when clubs were very hard core. It felt like an after hours club. 


Above is from a photo shoot for Moscow State Museum of Oriental Art.

the moscow website's team  w-o-s.ru is playing with a new technique of making pictures move and features designers that we both love: Boudicca, MMM Artisanal, vintage Demeulmeester and this season's Lemaire and Chalayan. 

In order to get the real impact: http://w-o-s.ru/visual/mashenka/index.html and drag the mouse across the image and watch the action.





Diane Pernet

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