A few memories from Venice….part 1

Ncanal 2 by day
Dear Shaded Viewers,

Venice by day or by night has  to be one of the most beautiful cities, almost like a fairy tale. If you have been following me over the past few days you know that I went to Venice on Saturday and came back last night. I'vealready posted images from the international seminar, Diana Vreeland after Diana Vreeland but here ar e a few personal pics.

Nmore canals
Nwhite bldg canal

I was at the synposium for 8 hours, in between there were several short breaks. I know a few of the speakers for probably more than 20 years so it was a pleasure to see them again.

NStefano Tonchi and Harold Koda
Alexander Vreeland, DV's grandson, W's Stefano Tonchi and the Met's Harold KodaNNunzia and I

Nunzia Garofolio

N1 alex and federico bag
Alex Murray-Leslie and Federico Poletti

NBruno Enrich and Alex
Bruno Enrich and Alex Murray-Leslie

NBenedetta barzini + dp
Benedetta Barzini, she gave a really personal talk on her experience as a model working for DV

Nsabrina and i
Pizza's Sabrina Ciofi

Nmaria luisa frisa this morning
Maria Luisa Frisa

NKatell le Bourhais 1.J
Katel le Bourhais

It is a rather sad memory but in a way sweet that Katel, Harold and Alan and I were all at the synmposium for Diana Vreeland after Diana Vreeland. Katel, Harold and our mutual departed friend, Stephen di Pietri all worked for Diana Vreeland in the 80's.  Katel, Harold, Alan and I planned the service in NYC in 1990 for Stephen di Pietri. An early AIDS casualty and dear friend to the three of us. Harold mentioned Stephen several times in his talk and we are sure Stephen was happy for that from up above.



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