Lionel Esteve was born in Lyon, France in 1967 and lives and works in Brussels. Over the past several years, Lionel Esteve has established himself as an artist displacing the object-making in favor of other strategies of experiencing, inhabiting or transforming the exhibition into contemporary archelogy composed of all kinds of found, used or recycled materials. For Esteve diminution, fragility, invisibility and informal is not only a formal ploy but an ethical assertion, a sign intimating that it is concentration and depth, rather than physical size, that determines the success and even the reach of the piece. The mystery is, according to Lionel Esteve, the most enviable status of a work of art: anonymous, undated and of uncertain origin. 

On the occasion of his third exhibition at Galerie Perrotin he has created empirical and sensual sculptures made of long 10-15 meters of bright color fabric, sand, thousands of beads and pins. The enigmatic works of Lionel Esteve envelop the visitor in their secret fantasies, recreating a fictional universe similar to those of Lewis Carroll or Magritte.

Lionel Est

Diane Pernet

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