VK Lillie spring 2012

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Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

Vanessa and Kira Lillie's collection of Medicine bags for spring was presented this afternoon in the appealing space of La noire galerie, beautified for the occasion by Nini Gollong's astonishing installations of crystals, light, sand and mirrors. VK Lillie Medicine bags are made out of vintage leather gloves, and as old gloves over the years tend to assume the shape of the wearer's hands, following his gestures of impatience or restraint, and his more or less genuine shakes, so the bags, hanging just over the heart, get the form of a person feelings and hopes, and carry the weight of his memories for him. In the limited, intimate shell of a Medicine bag there is just the space for the unforgettable: this way it helps us to tidy up our lives, to gain a new perspective and give everything the right weight around our neck. Ancient and sacred as Native American wisdom, and nourished by the constant and precious care of a long-lasting family tradition, the Medicine bags have been brought by Kira Lillie to heal the too fast, ephemeral and impatient world of fashion from all its needs. Each bag comes indeed with seven semi-precious meaningful stones, which are carefully chosen to meet and mend the wounds of modern times.



The selected stones for spring: Amethyst, to enhance the connection with a spiritual world and release from addiction; Citrine, to help decisiveness; Jasper, for vitality and physical strength; Labradonite, that assists during changes and transformations in life and facilitates the understanding of one's destiny; Lapis Lazuli, which promotes a state of serenity and inner peace; Ruby, that gives the courage to pursue love; and Topaz, which helps us to see the big picture and trust the universe in these uneasy days of global worries.

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