unBOrde x Kanako B. Koga/Christophe Brunnquell, Paris _ T-Shirts available in Japan only



Dear Shaded Viewers,

The book was written by the Great Grand Father of Christophe Brunquelle, Kanako B. Koga's collaboration partner, the book is called "Heart of Japan". There is a poem about nature, love, etc. it was written in 1920. Kanako took the image of her daughter Tiffany holding this book by her heart in a black outfit. The back design is the text cut out that Kanako loves and decided to put on the t-shirts. 

 Japan Warner Music asked a few people (Eric Haze in New York , Norbert Schoerner ( photographer )x Simon Taylor ( designer at Tomato )in London
Steve Nakamura ( art director ) x Mayu Yoshikawa ( textile designer )in Japan
and as shown on this post,  Kanako B.Koga (fashion editor )x Christophe Brunnquell ( art director )in Paris to make t-shirts for charity to help those suffering from the earthquake,

The t-shirt is for sale only in Japan and can be ordered from the 1st of August to the 31st. CLick the link below. They will produce only the amount that are ordered and 100% of the benefit goes as a donation every month, this started 3 months ago, one t-shirt a month….August Kanako B Koga/Christophe Brunnquell.






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