Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

When I saw journalist Mrs.Suzy Menkes walk down the stairs at Saiaz Hotel in Geteria (SP), Balenciaga’s hometown; I got the strongest feeling of satisfaction.

Beauuuutiful, she said when referring to the gothic building.

But this chapter got more interesting when Mrs.Menkes met Spanish Mrs. Sonsolez Diez de Rivera e Icaza. I would say: extraordinary! I saw Mrs.Diez de Rivera e Icaza the day before the opening crossing Getaria’s main square fully shaded, wearing a red leather blazer, black pantaloons and a white blouse. She was not only culminating her prestigious work, but also being the ambassador for the historical day: June the 7th 2011. Balenciaga’s life was delivered as a story in transit for many years to seduce the eyes of a modern viewer; but who was able to do that? 

It was Mrs.Diez de Rivera e Icaza who reflected and shared his past during the museum opening. According to her, Balenciaga’s career was built and based on a very elitist target group. She is extremely friendly, kind and willing to tell everybody of her mother’s (Sonsoles de Icaza y de León, Marquise of Llanzol) close friendship with Cristóbal Balenciaga. Dressed appropriately for the opening, she was wearing a vintage Balenciaga checked tailored suit from 1965 made for her daughter’s communion, impeccable.

Mrs.Menkes was certainly the right person to speak of Balenciaga’s road to success, as well as holding knowledge of all the effort needed to repair the exhibited pieces during the last years. The day Mrs.Diez de Rivera e Icaza met Mrs. Menkes my satisfaction went beyond the hills of Getaria. As I mentioned to both when I took this first picture: “you two are the best fusion in this day”. I forgot my umbrella at the Balenciaga Museum, but still braving the rain I headed down the hill for pinchos (Basque snack) and Txacoli (Basque white wine). It was time for celebration!


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Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz

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