unFLOP magazine launch at Erastudio apartment gallery, text and photos Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers unFlop is a new ecofriendly magazine printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks. Heading the project are  Giovanni Aponte, creative director and editor, alongside Daniele Perra and Lorenzo Posocco, fashion directors. The magazine  is a collectors item. For every issue an artist is asked to create an art package that includes the magazine and a vinyl. For the first issue  the invited guest is the artist/performer  Nico Vascellari. I was particularly interested in Daniele Perra's pages  featuring the  painter Jared French as well as the tribute  to  Mariuccia Mandelli the creative power behind the brand Krizia .

Flopmag 006
Flopmag 014
Flopmag 033

Flopmag 023
 Flopmag 025
the installation with the vynil by Nico Vascellari

Flopmag 031
I love the grafhite on the wall

Flopmag 035
Flopmag 037
Flopmag 040