IndieWIRE reviews Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” text Eric Kohn

The Tree of Life by Malick

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tonight The Tree of Life opened in several Paris theatres. I went to see it with some friends. Never go to see any films at UGC Odeon. I think the projectionist must have been either mentally challenged or just a total idiot. The first fifteen minutes of the film were so distorted it was like watching images through a fun house mirror. Brad Pitt looked at least 300 pounds. WHen they finally got it together to fix the projection the film went black and stopped no less than 10 – 15 times. Just around the end when the film had managed to stay fluid it went black again. I have no idea how the film ends and of course will now have to go out and see it again on a bigger screen in another theatre. Glad Terrence Malick was not aware of how his beautiful film was screened. Kill the projectionist, if not…fire him.



Diane Pernet

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