Call for signatures -Fukushima : putting the catastrophe under citizen control

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Fukushima : putting the catastrophe under citizen control

We, citizens of the world

Are extremely concerned by the terrifically poor handling of the Fukushima catastrophe by TEPCO.

Did the company wish to privilege its own interests, aiming at a hypothetical re-start of the power plant? In any case, it acted covertly and used only a part of the appropriate means to protect the people of neighboring areas, the Japanese people in its whole, and all peoples and ecosystems of the planet. TEPCO did not apply the principle of precaution for maximal prevention of nuclear disaster and contamination of the environment.

Despite some protests, the Japanese State has merely forwarded the information provided by the company, which acts in an opaque fashion. Experts from various countries have been called in without having any effect on decisions taken. The demands of the NGOs present on site, particularly Greenpeace and CRIIRAD, for an increased protection of the population and greater transparency of information, did not get more answers than those of the Japanese people.

We believe urgent that TEPCO

Diane Pernet

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