UOVO PERFOMING ARTS FESTIVAL IN MILAN,text by Stefania Seoni, video and photos courtesy Uovo press office

Dear Diane dear shaded viewers, the perfomance Blood Cleaning by Carlos Casas and Nico Valascellari  opened the first day of Uovo (perfoming arts  festival in Milan).

Uovo is an  undisciplined project within the  contemporary world. Every year they present the most current international trends in contemporary culture in venues that are devoted to the arts, fashion, design, clubs, etc. with the artists that challenge the traditional boundaries .


Blood cleaning  3,50 is a perfomance with 19 masked actors on stage. THe piece is An audio and visual journey through their fears and imagination. THe performance is a result of a workshop that was directed by two visual artists:  Carlos Casas and Nico Vascellari.


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