The haute jeans brand, Ellus, chose to present a film this season instead of a runway show, but the results weren't any less dramatic than usual. The label typically hires a boldface name to attract paparazzi attention (Agness Deyn and Chloe Sevigny in years past), who goes on to star in their campaign, but this season they jumped on the high-tech bandwagon, producing a 3-D film starring Brazilian supermodel Aline Weber as all of the female models. Guests entered a blacked-out small screening room with tiers of seating, custom-made glasses and small boxes of popcorn to snack on while enjoying the show. The film had a great soundtrack and some interesting slowed-down-then-sped-up effects, but the production values weren't on par with the effort a major European brand would have made. And the quality of the 3-D wasn't as good as it could have been – you're not supposed to get a headache when you're watching with the glasses ON. Still, it was another example of Brazilian fashion making an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, something they're very good at.

Here's the film below – the quality isn't perfect and, of course, i'ts meant to be seen in 3-D, but you get the general idea. Alternately you can also see the clip more clearly, in a normal format at