Jerome Perrousseaux is a french painter exposing his art at La Maizon 13 rue Auguste Colette in the 17th arrondissement of Paris until October 31st. Jerome has been working with guache, canvases, aquarelles and colors for the past 12 years. At first, he wanted to experiment with music, but soon after joining his fine arts training he realized painting was the natural sound emanating from his body. 

Inspired from Kazimir Malevich, Mark Rothko and from the theories of Wassily Kandisky, Jerome composes the rhythm of his paintings abstracting colors and emotions from the tranquility of his soul. 

For this exhibition, he impregnated each corner of the white canvas with two sets of free hand multicolored lines leaving the rest of the painting untouched."I trained myself for two years making everyday at least one small aquarelle to master my hand's involuntary movements and to be able to paint a straight line … the symmetry in my paintings remind me of my reflection in the water when I go sailing in the deep blue ocean … Each color serves as an emotion carrier between humans … during my square period, I used a lot of black because I was grieving my fathers illness and his death