Guy Bourdin A Message For You opens in Madrid tonight text by Marco de Rivera

The presentation is called "A Message for You" and claims to sink into the complex mind of the photographer and understand what it purported to show and what he claimed to communicate.

Currently the work he has done during his career, which lasted three decades, is exposed in various galleries and museums worldwide. Among those are the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Jeu de Paume in Paris or the National Museum of China.

The French used Bourdin fashion photography to communicate a message and that message was transmitted through photos with background stories, compositions, bright colors and fascinating. However his message was not simple to decipher, on the contrary, since exploring a world absurd and surreal. Thanks to this he has managed to reshape the design of fashion photography and advertising and e's why he became so famous and transgressor.

"A Message for You" focuses mainly on photographs he has made in the 70s. We chose this time because it is considered the most important and that is where he took his best shots through, among other things, the collection he did with the mannequin Nicolle Meyer.

It is a unique opportunity to experience life and work of Guy Bourdin, one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century. If you want to attend the exhibition you can rent an apartment in Madrid and enjoy some of his best shots.

Marco de Rivera

Diane Pernet

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