ILARIA NISTRI : LIQUIDA MATRICE S/S 11 PERFOMANCE BY SANTASANGRE, text Stefania Seoni, all photos Jacopo Turrini

Ilaria Nistri collaborated with the neo avante garde  italian theatre company Santasangre ,it was a live performance that played on all of the senses. After I find out that she was pregnant, the meaning of the performance about the power of the cells that grow and transform themselves ending in the generation of new life. The atmosphere was set with a magic lantern outlining the space and sealing it off from the outside world. Inside there were holographic reflections that gave a sense to an ethereal and primal reality.  

Ilaria nistri perfomance2
Ilaria nistri perfomance1
Ilaria nistri perfomance3
The designer Ilaria Nistri