FEDERAL CAFE —NOW OPEN! — A Taste of Possum Creek in Barcelona by Alex Murray-Leslie

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

I've just returned from a delightful, explorative trip of Brazil, (I'll be posting a report for Diane shortly…) to be so surprised to find FEDERAL CAFE open in Barcelona. Federal is like a taste of Arty Gertrude St, Melbourne or fast and fashionable Sydney, and believe me, its well over due! I love the Spanish cafes of course! but have to say, they're never ever really built for hanging out, people watching and all that jazz! The instant SMASH HIT, Federal cafe is run by partners in crime Nigel and Crick, creators of global, gob stopping, lolly store, Papa Bubble


Pics from the opening….Federal cafe, C/ Parlament 3, 08015 Barcelona (tel