Today at the ASVOFF Headquarters, Abdallah Kouatly and Jerome Christian aka Lori Schonberg

Abdallah Kouatly

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It was quite fun today to see my old friend Abdallah. I think he was still studying to be an architect when we met in New York a few decades ago. Last time I ran into him he rescued Monia Kashmire and Philippe Pourhashemi and I  after the doors shut in front of us at the fashion bus. It was great, he drove by in his beautiful car like a knight in shining armour and offered us a lift.

Later in the afternoon, Jerome aka Lori Shonberg stopped by to discuss the music for the next edition of ASVOFF. Most of Paris is on holiday but not everyone.

Jerome was feeling quite at home next to Benjamin Seroussi's jukebox.



Diane Pernet

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