As those of you know me are aware, FACEBOOK freaks me out. Aside from its omnipresence in over 500,000 million peoples lives (supposedly if it was a country it would be the third largest country on earth), its successful blurring and subversion (for monetary purposes) of "friendship", "sharing", and "liking", it is Mark Zuckerberg, himself that freaks me out the most. This guy, though i have never met him, and hope never to meet him, seems like a lunatic, and a very rich one at that.
David Finicher, whom is arguably one of the most interesting pop filmmakers of our time, has decided to take a look at the world and story behind facebook and Mark Zuckerburg in his new film THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

I saw the short teaser trailer, a couple of weeks ago which caught my attention and now there is a another trailer which actually shows some scenes from the film.

And some interesting and frighting info on the "book".

And here is Mark himself…you be the judge.