Makin Jan Ma and Damir Doma at White Milano text by Stefania Seoni all Photos by Jacopo Turrini

Dear Diane , dear shaded viewers, after the Etro show, Jacopo and I went to White to see Makin Jan Ma collection
and the Damir Doma video installation.

Damir doma silent
Damir Doma installation "Silent"

Damir doma video nstallazione
Damir Doma video installation.

Makin jan ma 5
Makin Jan Ma is a Hong Kong
designer based in London. The way he creates his collection is by writing
stories and screenplays, he makes films on his tales and dresses the
characters in his creations.His idea is to take elements from daily life and touch them with love and fantasy. His first collection was producedto make a film. 

Makin jan ma 6

Makin Jan Ma model and actor.

Makin jan ma 2
Makin Jan Ma collection

The garments are created to enhance their character.

Makin jan ma 3
Makin Jan Ma paintings

Makin jan ma 1

His motto