Welcome to Milan and YES, Lancia and Marco Belmondo ….I don’t know how I live the rest of the year without my LANCIA and driver….

Marco Belmondo and the beautiful black matte finish LANCIA  

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be reunited with LANCIA and my very handsome driver, Marco. Antoine and I were wondering what the LANCIA training must be like. I think that I'd like to go there one day to experience the casting. The car is as beautiful as the driver, or should I say it the other way around. I love the  matte black finish.


Carlton Hotel Baglioni 

After checking into the charming Carlton Hotel Baglioni Marco dropped me off at my friend Sabrina Ciofi's for a delicious home made meal. The only problem was the return home, as you can imagine with Milan winning the European finals, the streets were insane with celebration and Marco was long gone…




Diane Pernet

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