Guy Bourdin 2nd Anniversary Exhibition Opening Ceremony at Corso Como curated by Shelly Verthime and Nicolle Meyer exhibition continues to Sunday 2nd May 2010

NIcolle Shelly

 Nicolle Meyer and Shelly Verthime at the press conference

 Outside corso como 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I enjoyed speaking to the three main players in the exhibition, Shelly Verthime, Nicolle Meyer and Samuel Bourdin. The exhibition was set up to reflect Guy Bourdin's attraction to mirrors and reflections while two walls exhibited Guy's amazing photos featuring his beautiful muse, Nicolle Meyer and printed in a size similar to that of a magazine which is what most of the images were commissioned for. Knowing how photographers these days rely on photoshop, Guy Bourdin's images show his background as a painter, his sensitivity to color, the frame and his endless search for perfection. Another post will follow with some of the images.

Carla and Lee Seo Hyun
 Corso Como's Carla Sozzani and Cheil Industries' Lee Seo Hyun, Executive Vice President 

Nicolle and cameras
Nicolle Meyer explaining some of the photos to me while being pursued by photographers

Nicolle and Samuel
Nicolle Meyer and Samuel Bourdin

Shelly and lee seo hyun
Shelly Verthime and Lee Seo Hyun

Photos to follow,



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