March 25th Peter Stephan Jungk discusses his book THE INHERITANCE at the Village Voice Bookshop 6 rue Princesse-75006

Peter stephan jungk the inheritance
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The author Peter Stephan Jungk will discuss The Inheritance on March 25th at The Village Voice Bookshop in Paris. 6 rue Princesse-75006

Focus Magazine: "Yet another thrilling, vividly narrated novel from the pen of Peter Stephan Jungk …a plot worthy of a film."

Die Zeit: "This eventful, thrilling novel proves to be the parable of a world whose heirs have all the rights but cannot do anything with them."

James Lasdun: "Peter Stephan Jungk is an extraordinary inventive novelist and The Inheritance, beautifully translated by Michael Hofmann is one of the most brilliant creations: at once a gripping international intrigue and a witty, touching novel of human relations."



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