Leading up to pre production of my new film ILLUMINA, I have locked myself away reading about 10 books simultaneously morning, noon, and night, which is making the wheels of my mind spin out of control for the better.

On my latest trip to the new library that has just opened in my neighborhood, while checking out some books, I found myself wonder over to the DVD section to find some films to watch as a break from my research. I picked up a strange Criterion Collection DVD which has all kind of interviews and short films of Francois Truffaut. I have seen and love most of his feature films and remember reading about LES MISTONS years ago but had never
gotten around to see it, until now. See the beautifully illustrated poster below.


LES MISTONS, one of the first short films Truffaut made, shows what would become part of his style, a rough and playful cinematic approach, combined with a sort of sad and romantic touch, depicting the simple lives of everyday people, with natural dialogue and realistic characters who have depth and a host of imperfections. In this film we can see several references to 1930s gangster films which the directors of the New Wave loved to reference in their own films. The scene of the children playing cops and robbers in the coliseum is one of my favorites. Enjoy