Charles Guislain on Rick Owens F/W 2010

Dear Readers,

After showing during many seasons at Les Beaux-Arts, Rick Owens decided this time to present his work near to the Eiffel Tower, at Le Palais de Chaillot. All the collection seemed to be built about the opposite of time. Indeed, Rick's designs have always showed a futuristic side but this time the prehistoric inspiration is clear. The combination of both gives birth to leather coats embroidered simply with wooden geometric pieces, the perfect contrast of the modern know-how and the elementary result.

The belts and the shorts falling on the hips confer to the silhouettes a casual attitude balanced with the strictness of the leather jackets. The wedge boots, opened on the front or not, were also an evidence of Rick's evolution; efficiently his latest collections, regardless of womenswear and menswear, were a display of strength.

Cheers !