Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had my own, private fashion climax watching Damir Doma's show in Paris. I guess now is the time to go public about it.

It started with being pushed and shoved at the entrance of the Garage de Turenne, thinking I was never going to make it inside. Then, it continued with the venue getting completely packed in about fifteen minutes and nervous PR boys running out making sure no one was going to pass out. I could hardly move my legs on the bench where I was sitting. There was even a little girl walking nearby with her mum. Honestly, I feared for her safety. All the right ingredients were there to create a "fashion moment".

Lights went out, music started and a liquid veil of smoke appeared at the back of the runway. The ten minutes that followed were pure bliss. Where do I start? The cocoon wool coats? The gorgeous shearlings? The rounded glasses? That ponyskin jacket???

See, I'm getting all carried away again. Is it okay if I just let Sonny's pictures do the talking?

Damir 1

Damir 2

Damir 3

Damir 4

Damir 5

Damir 6



Philippe Pourhashemi

A freelance fashion writer, consultant and stylist, Philippe Pourhashemi was born in Tehran in 1976. He grew up in Paris, before moving to Scotland to study Foreign Languages. His passions are fashion and culture, as well as music and film. He writes and styles features for Metal in Barcelona, Behind the Blinds in Brussels, Contributor in Stockholm, Veoir in New York and SKP in Beijing. He was named Fucking Young's Editor-at-Large in 2016 and has contributed to ASVOF since 2008, acting as Correspondent-at-Large since 2012. An avid traveler, he likes to explore exotic fashion weeks and unexpected destinations whenever he can.