Halloween in NYC with Akiko Hamaoka

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sheep milk camembert cheese with the hull of a radish

Dear Shaded Viewers,

 Akiko Hamaoka is  in NYC and today being Saturday,  she went to the Union Square Market with our friend Miguel Villalobos. Multi-talented Miguel can do anything including prepare beautiful healthy food. I'm missing his cooking because when I attempt to repeat one of his dishes it never comes  out the same, probably because he puts a lot more love into cooking than I do.

Cat 1 Cat2 Cat3 

On route to the market Akiko ran into a very old cat that looked like he/she was dressed for Halloween, he moved so slowly that she could not resist documenting his journey. It's Akiko's first Halloween in the states. After the market she went to Miguel and Grahams for lunch. 

Miguel cat egg IMG_0860 

Miguel Villalobos, Aeon and a duck's egg


Diane for Akiko in NYC

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